personal player skin request

Could someone basically make me metrocop with a sort of a firey texture to it, like a red/orange/black texture? unless there already is one, then could you give me the link to it?

EDIT:I need help cause I don’t have whatever it is you use to make textures or put them on models.

first you have to get Photoshop
then download this plugin for it> and follow the instructions in the readme file
open up Photoshop and find the texture you want to edit and open it with Photoshop, the extension is .vtf
when finished editing save the skin as a .vtf but change the name

I don’t want to have to buy anything, I only spend my money on games, and food.

the plugin is free and you could find photoshop for free somewhere

k, I’m currently asking Hiphopopotomus if he could make it, but if that fails, I’ll try out the photoshop thing.
the problem is I’m impatiant and have a short attention span.

if you need any more help don’t hesitate to ask


You don’t need the plug-in. You can get VTFEdit and GCFScape, then use something like GIMP.

is it easy to use and will it work for someone with a short attention span + is impatient?


GCFScape -> Activate -> Search Through “Half Life Base Content” -> Extract the Models and Textures you Want
VTFEdit -> Open Extracted .VTF -> Export as GIMP Editable Image
GIMP -> Edit ->Save
VTFEdit-> Import

At least, I’m pretty sure how that works. And I believe that will give you a non-hexed skin of whatever you downloaded.

can’t acess any half life content at all with it -_-

You tried opening it with GCFScape. And, you know where the file is, just inside steamapps

The steam file itself isn’t accessable.

Can you take a screenshot of what you’re doing? Just, step by step?

nah I gave up on the idea