Personal playermodel request (warning: furry)

Hey, can someone please make me a personal player model? info abut it below,

The body be Fallout 3 black combat armor (not talon company or rivet city, no helmet):
The head and tail be Thelaughingcheese’s furry:
Custom skin for Furry model:


Maybe you should get permission from Thelaughingcheese first?

I already have


Anybody? Please?

Anybody want to have a go at this???

No. Light brown female foxes with flirting smiles or nothing.

oh come on… This should be easier to do than the other personal playermodel requests ive seen… plus ive provided the links to the files so you dont have to make a custom one from scratch.

come on people, all you really need to do is hack the head and tail onto the Combat armor (I would do it but I have no idea ow to or the right programs) please…

I want this to!
I would do it for you but i also aint got no clue.

Shot I made a while ago:
Notice the Fox Head in the back.
That’s a friend of mine’ personal Skin.

Go ask him.

Alright, Will do, thanks

Well, I asked him and he said he dosent know how to hack the head and tail onto the combat armor :\ Thanks for telling me though, I got him doing a skin for the Combine Gunship :slight_smile:

That’s because it was a hex of an old model. I can’t even remember who did the original. :stuck_out_tongue:

You hippy!
what’s this I hear of a reskin?

Oh, I dident know that, sorry

Uhh, I’m reskinning something? Simple as that, I suppose… O.o


Alright, I beleave I got someone making one for me… Now just to wait

And sorry for the bump