Personal Server


i was wondering about registering to set up a personal server. i have a few server towers and want to set one up with rust on it.

im not happy with all these crappy servers that are never looked after are always greifed. just after one that the admin and players look out for each other for a more fun place to play

if someone in a position of power instead of some silly guy advertising his server


Currently the only way to have a rust server is to rent it from one of these server hosts. Click here! They have not publicly release the server files for people to setup their own servers. Im afraid you will have to wait until they are further into the development stage and they feel the game is ready to be played on more than just selected hosts. Sure perhaps it is a cash grab but i think the servers are pretty fairly prices and run well aslong as its not a 200 slot server.

I hope they don’t release the server files for people to take… There is already 3000+ servers with like 1000 of them with 0 players. Why create more stress by adding more empty useless servers? They need to create more official servers once further along in alpha. Official servers are the only trustworthy servers because there are no admins you have to worry about to abuse the server.