Personal Servers?

Are you going to make it available to people to host the game off their own servers/computers. I have a server and would like to run the game where I could test the different features of the game and not have to rent a server. If this is possible it would be really awesome.

this isn’t minecraft and I’m pretty sure people already do this …

Don’t see what Minecraft has to do with my question. As for other people doing it, the only thing I’ve see is renting a server that has the server side program. If there is a way to do this I would like to know how. If there is not I don’t see how adding this would hurt the game or the testing of the game in anyway.

The statement by authority figures on this is that, during Alpha, no one but official gaming hosts will be allowed to host a server.

This can be viewed to imply that it will change later, but for now the answer is no.

The code has been leaked, but don’t get caught with it or your account will get hosed.

Thank you, for the reply.