Personal skin commission prices

Hey I was wandering if any of you guys do commissions for personal skins. If so what kind of prices do you charge and how much bang do I get for my dollar? I don’t have the means to pay for anything now but it’s something I am willing to save up for. So please respond and let me know please. Thanks.

You really shouldn’t pay for simple skins (unless it’s a custom model, too), or for any ports. It’s illegal, and legal action can - and most likely will - be taken where profits are being made.
Most developers and publishers don’t give a damn as long as they receive credit if there’s no exchange of currency.

so your saying if I wanted for example a custom head paired with something from a video game then I’d be breaking the law?

if that’s so then what should I do?

If you paid for it yes,but if someone made you a headhack for free it’s not illegal but most people who start off with a personal skin start off simple like on a pre existing model like the hl2 citizens or something.

As long as you’re not paying for it, you’ll be fine.

And for future reference, most completely-custom models that come as commissions sit between $50 and $200. Anything less and you’re likely to get a piece of shit reminiscent of a blob. With bad textures.

so paying someone to make a head hack is fine but asking to put it with an N7 hoodie is what makes it illegal?

I think paying for editing/replacing a part of any model is illegal, while paying to make a model from scrap is fine,…

Let’s just simplify it and suggest that you don’t pay for anything unless it’s being made from scratch, meaning that nothing is being used from any pre-existing models at all.

It’s not illegal no matter what is done. BUt it’s unethical. Sure there are people that port and headhack models for money but the majority consider these to not be the best of people.

The unethical parts comes from the fact that porting or headhacking is not a lot of work compared to the original content which was made by the various devs.

Ah ok I get it now. it’s strange to me how you see that getting paid for work is not necessarily a good thing wraithcat. I just figured it be like any other form of art.

I just didn’t want to be an ass just coming out of the blue and saying, “lol can you make me a personal skin cause I asked.”