Personal skin for me please?

Can someone please make me a personal skin for me with these specifications?

A leather trench coat . Fingerless gloves(use design in the picture as well) Dark blue pants Black boots A goatee (either one of these in the picture) white shirt under the leather jacket(you shouldn’t need a picture for that). Finally a black beanie hat to top it off CAN SOMEONE PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME?!?!?!?! use male 7 for reskin model.

First of all; post pics of the clothes/stuff so skinners dont have to reskin a model following vague specifications, then tell us which already existing model you want us to get reskinned.


It isn’t that easy.


There would be model hacking/modeling involved, and you’re not going to get anything out of it without paying back.

well im pretty sure that the jacket is where the model hacking would come from but everything else im guessing could just be hexed or whatever