Personal Skin for my friend

So, first off, I’m making this request for my friend, who will be getting internet (and Gmod) around the end of the month (So he’s got plenty of time to wait.)
Basically he wants Male07…
With this shirt:

And he wants Sharingan eyes:

I understand that this could possibly be a more difficult personal skin, and my friend clearly has enough time for you to complete this skin, so take your time-No pressure

Do it yourself? It’s not that hard with photoshop.

I don’t have photoshop, plus I have no idea how to skin anything. I wouldn’t be asking here if I knew how.

You could always try learning and getting a Photoshop trial. It’s a very valuable skill.

That’s an option, still, getting photoshop trial won’t teach me how to skin. (To be honest with you, I learned some basic photoshop stuff just this morning. And to be honest, I fear messing with the stuff in my gmod folder.)

Back it up then.

i made a quick one for practice:

want me to change anything?

It looks great, it’s hard to tell if the eyes are altered, and it needs to be Male07, but it’s only a test.
Thanks, once again, Highvoltage, I wish I had the tools, and know-how to skin so I didn’t have to ask.

When i get back from school I’ll work on the eye’s and change the model.
Whats your friends name for when i hex it?

He didn’t tell me his FP/Steam name as he hasn’t made them yet, but I can predict that it’ll be Zero_x54321

If he doesn’t have internet or Gmod, then how does he know he wants a personal skin already? Just wondering.

He came to me and said “So I want a personal skin when I get internet, and gmod.”
He went into detail about it later on, and he just decided to have me request it… you know, since he is internet-less.

Bump for my friends sake! (And progress reports >.>)

everything except the eyes are good, the texture is screwed up. i testing it right now. i post pics in a sec

If you get them working, please tell me how i’ve tried to make different eye textures before and no matter what I do they just end up pink, as in it doesn’t recognise the VMT as being defined as “eyes” when it is :frowning:

here’s what i got so far:

and here’s the eyes:

as you can see the pupil part repeats. I’m going to start over and take my time and figure out the problem.

if i get it to work I’ll make a simple tutorial on textureing eyes

They’re repeating because you have the clamp stuff selected in the .VTF. Open it using VTFEdit, then uncheck all the stuff on the left side part.

I’m using Paintshop not VTFEdit. is VTFEdit better?

Yeah you pretty much need it to fix it.

BTW, the eye must be white ;d the Sharingan doesn’t make the whole eye black.
Dunno if that was a Skinning mistake or yours, just letting you know.