Personal skin help

I recently requested a new personal skin, and mmjkrf skinned it, and compiled it with player and npc anims, then gave it to me. I found out that model is invisible when I spawn it and I can’t use the npcs. Photo of what the problem is:

and download link. Please help!

Wow, I just downloaded the thing…there’s…everything wrong with it. The model isn’t in the folder the model thinks it’s in, the textures aren’t in the folder they say they are OR the folder the model is looking for them in. Who put the models and materials in their directories?

Also it would be helpful if you didn’t black out all your folders in your screenshot, those would tell me a lot.

And also oh dear God I think this was chopped together from like twelve different personal skins, and I haven’t even seen the texture yet.

The blackouts are probably the furry models.

Here you go. Extract it to your addons folder and you should be golden as far as the model and skin go. Would’ve used FileFront but kept getting I/O errors.

As far as the NPC goes, I never use them, I wouldn’t know how to spawn a custom one.

I tried using it as a player model, got the big red ERROR, dunno what the deal is there, I have no experience with custom player models, nor do I see the appeal in having something other people will have to download to see.

Nice skin, by the way.

Why thank you. :smile: