Personal Skin picture frames.

I lost all my files in a error before the Reformatting, project is dead…

That’s a pretty neat idea. I like them. Backgrounds could maybe be something different other than just grey, but I’m not sure. Do me :smiley:

Well they have to be gray to match the ones Shotgunguy made for the facepunch office map.

Hey man where’s me, I was the original Personal Skins thread Creator.


I just started yestarday and I had no time today to do anything new.

You’ve screwed up the texture on a few frames, Kari’s for instance, but still, great idea.

Nice eye, didn’t notice that

Also, what is up with Seth’s? His image is a bit longer then the other tall paintings. Take FPSDar’s, Chesty’s, and Psibat. Their the same. Same goes with how Vman’s is the biggest image out of the smaller ones

True, for some though they might be a tad bigger, for each picture it’s a different size of frame like the office has some pictures bigger then the others. I’ll look into it though and see if i can get it to satisfy your needs.

Hey could you do me?
If so could you use this pic of me:

Keep it horizontal please! :stuck_out_tongue:

My pose in the picture is awesome. Nice work, mate.

No problem chesty, and of course i can warnman :slight_smile:

Eh, I might as well post the pic I wanted for any reason

Small Update:
Had these 2 part of the first group but had a few issues with the skin, they are now fixed.

I cant open yours in photoshop it has something to do with it being a different kind of format, can you use imageshack and post it here so i can do it?

You want me to upload it to Imageshack?

Why did you capitalize the “B” in the name?

Must have been an accident.

I beleive I have sent you mine, have I? If not, ill send it to you again.

It’s alright F T yours is done, i did a bunch today they are just waiting to be hexxed by Dr. Stupid