Personal Skin Request: Hacking and Skinning

G’day guys.

So I’m looking to have a personal skin created for Garrys Mod. Being someone with absolutely no experience in modelling and skinning, I’ve come here to ask for help.

The skin idea consists of some hacking and skinning, which is listed as follows.

-The body of the skin is being supplied by Ninja Nub. It’s a BF3 body, which I have permission to use.
-It also uses a gas mask prop included in the pack it comes with, which I would like attached permanently, not bodygrouped.
-To keep it unique from the pack, I’d also like to switch out the hands for the hands frequently used with models lately. I think they’re called Ellis hands.
-Lastly, I’d like to reskin the camouflage to something different, Navy Blue to be exact, so it doesnt look the same as the stock models.
-Another head that could be used in place is a Pilot helmet I found recently.

I’ve included a reference image for the camouflage. It’s simple, because the only thing that requires re-colouring is the clothing, not anything like the vest, helmet and knee pads.

That’s all. If anyone could do this, please let me know because I’d like it done as soon as possible, but I dont know about skinning and hacking, so I don’t really know the time based stuff.

I’ll supply any necessary links.

Thanks guys, anything is appreciated!

The only thing I can suggest is add some incentive if you want it to be done in a short amount of time since modellers are usually busy with other projects.

Otherwise this is a lot better made than many of the other requests we get here and I hope you get a response.

Thanks for the tips! I’m mainly trying to sort out my request properly so people can get a firm idea of what’s at hand. As for incentive, I’m not entirely sure what to do there.