Personal Skin Request (Male_02 Citiz.)

Alright, after gathering enough courage, I have decided to request a personal skin from the kind people here at Facepunch. First thing i would like to know is if requesting a personal skin to be made publicly is against the rules. Actually, just give me the rules on requesting a personal skin. If there are any.

If you are considering doing this request:
What I would like the skin to look like is the Male_02 Citizen model with his shirt recolored black.Put on the front of his shirt a yellow emoticon such as this: :>, but upright. Then for his pants I would want them recolored white. And if it’s possible, make the models face slightly darker in tone. I would provide a picture of the design but I cant quite… do it. (I don’t like GIMP all that much.)

If there is any more information you need, please contact me.

There are no rules about requesting personal skins, but the general consensus around here (to my knowledge) is that if it’s a personal skin, you’re better off making it yourself.

Besides, who can get the concept more right than the person who designs it?


Also for a simple thing like this, I suggest Paint.NET. Free, easy to use, and capable of a great many things.

Alright, i guess ill try something myself, but i still dont know how to do pretty much anything involving skinning, importing models, and all that stuff.

Actually, I got bored and made it myself.
However, when I first saw this post, I was banned ( for whatever reason ).
It’s a replacment for Citizen Group 2, so you can use it as a ragdoll, and it won’t replace the citizen skins that are used in most servers.
However, it will not be a PlayerModel…
However, you can fix most of those problems by renaming the file
“group02”, to “group01”. That way it will be shown on Citizen NPCs, Playermodels, and most ragdolls.

oh yeah, you were b&nt, but did you pm it to me? ill check right now


Umm. no guess not.Can someone link to a tutorial perchance? of how to do this shit myself?

You know what, fuck doing it myself, Vista is shit anyways.

I have vista and it works fine for modding :3 that is unless you got 64 bit or somethin

Shit dude, its not just vista, it’s poorly worded tutorials on hex editing and junk. And im fairly sure I have 64 bit.


I really dont care about what it looks like as long as it’s a personal ragdoll.

This is some real disappointing shit guys.

You’re disappointed because people won’t do work for you?

Yep. Of course.

Hypocrite, you are a fucking hypocrite.

I mean how hard is to look on a tutorial on Youtube? And by the description it looks like a simple texture skin, why not do it yourself?

I think he was being sarcastic.


unless he’s really that naive

It was the sarcastic one.