Personal Skin Request

Hey. I was just wondering if anyone could do a personal skin for me. Here is what I want.

I would like the male_07 head on a rebel body with metrocop legs. A watch and pocket and rolled up sleeves. Really just the second from the right guy in the concept picture. Could the metrocops boot be a little less tall? Also the hands and arms need to be like this with 5 fingers.

Thanks to anyone who can do this!

Forget the above. THis is more of what I want it to look like.




Or you could wait until the original author releases it before you try to steal his Ideas.

I just want a personal skin. :smiley:

A guy in a hoodie? Oh man, that’s fucking groundbreaking. It’d be a crime to base a personal model on anything so edgy and new.

(Not a shot at the quality of said model, mind you)