Personal Skin request

hi guys,i knwo herea re alot awesome skinners,so kann some one please make a skin for me?

so,i want male 07(john freeman)

with flecktarn pants

and a flecktarn jacket(you can imagine it)pls make a black vest and a balackava(you dont have to,but i would love you even more)

so,if you do it i will always love you (?)

eh,i would be very thankfull,so please

Not with that spelling.

so again.

can some one please make me a personal skin?
i want:
-flecktarn pants(see above)
-a black shirt(yeah i changed my mind)
-black shoes
-and maybe a writing on the shirt that says “MadMax”(would be nice,but you dont have to make it)

please make it for a refugee,maybe face nr.07

please :slight_smile: