Personal Skin Request.

I’m looking for a person who can skin things good.
Heres the description of the personal skin i want:
Hair: I want the hair color to be black and this kind of hair style
Torso: A Bring Me The Horizon Logo to go onto the models Hoodie
Jeans: Basically i want a black pair of jeans of these
Shoes: And then a pair of black converse.
And heres the model i want you guys to skin:

So i want a BMTH logo on the hoodie and make the hoodie purple and to have the hair under the hoodie but the front part of the hair to be seen but not the back of the hair. And the pants black and the shoes maybe try to make them converse but if not i want them at least grey.
Oh yes and i forgot i want Fingerless gloves on him as well.

Ew…that hair is kinda wierd ._. Left fringe is always better :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not looking for your opinion im looking for a person who can skin. So what you say means nothing to me.

HAHAHAHA, and you were telling Hot~ about attitude? such a hipocrit.

Sounds a lot like H4lf D3ad or whoever’s person skin.

Well she was complaining, im not complaining, do you see me going “OMFG STOP PRESSING THE DUMB BUTTON?!?!?!” No i said it nicely, i never called him a name nor something stupid. All i said to him was im wanting some one to skin this. Basically opinions mean nothing to me.

Why did you change their sex mid-sentence?

Well i didn’t you see, he was talking about both hot and the other person who said the hair looks gross. First i said that Hot was complaining, and that then the other person i told him i didn’t want opinions. If you want me to re do that post again then i will.

But you’re replying to a dude, who was laughing at you for being hypocritcal towards the girl?

Listen dude, that model would make me barf puppy shit every 3 seconds if it were made.
You didn’t even bother to say “please”, and I doubt no one is going to make the model, mainly because of the retarded hairstyle. I’m not so sure myself how to make it.