Personal skin request

Hello, I would like a personal skin. I want a skin of the male07 citizen but with this hoodie (but open)

This under shirt (but the colors inverted e.g. white is red and red is white)

And these pants



this is a personal model and will take much longer to make
think of it like this, muscle on your body and the bones are the model in-game your skin, would be the colour and the details that go on the model
most model can take weeks to make

i never said model. Just a skin

you don’t understand, this will require a total new model to have all that stuff

I have seen skins that look sorta like this.

yes but they are made on new models

O. well i would do it and but i don’t know how to make Ragdolls. I can model fine just cant ragdoll.


or texture…or compile

ok I guess I will try it

i found something sorta like this.

One of the skins in this pack has a open sweater


could someone reskin it to look like what I have asked for?

I totally want that shirt now.

Every one wants to be on the eh team

Yeah, and I’m a Canadian as well, man. Takes forever to explain it to people down here (I live in Kentucky), but whatever. Wouldn’t it just be a recoloring, then?

Ya i guess. I can’t make skins, every time i try it turns invisible in game

you relize this can easily be made with basicly skinning it right? even though i know barely anything about skinning

anyway it could be easy but i do disagree with you because if you noticed, the citizens have jeans, jackets, and just skinning it would easily make the undershirt, or tweaking the model, but no it doesnt need a new model