Personal Skin Request?

Reskinning the male_07 citizen model. Don’t make it so that it overwrites the original model.

-Instead of the blue Citizen outfit, change it to a black hoodie with the YouTube logo on front and blue jeans, and add black fingerless gloves.
-Shoes like this:

I don’t see this as very much to ask, and if you’re going to be creating this, could you please notify me as soon as you’re done? This will mean quite a bit to me. I can’t skin, I really suck at it.

Male_07? C’mon duuuude. Do you really look like him?

Post pictures for reference, people like to see pictures

He’s the only non-ugly one. None of them look like me.

Here’s what the shoes would probably look like.


And you really should know what blue jeans look like, seriously.

Can you give us a pic of you for reference ?

._. I don’t WANT it to look like me. All I want is the reskin. Sorry for being a bit defensive, but I just want the reskin.

Hell, I use Garrus as my personal skin. I’m sure he looks nothing like me.

Right. Yeah, all I want my personal skin to do is to represent me.

So, is anybody going to do it or what?

Well you see, there is one major issue here.
You can’t just skin on a hoodie. You would need a headhack or a entirely new model.

I wasn’t thinking the hood to actually be part of the model, or whatever you’re talking about. Would it be possible to skin on a sweatshirt with the Youtube logo and just draw in or whatever a hood, rather than modeling it in?

If what I’m saying isn’t along the lines of what you’re saying, please, explain.

so wait you want to be wearing this hood or just on the back of your jacket?