Personal skin request

I would like someone to make a skin for me.This is what i want to look like:
one red glove on his right hand like faith’s from mirror’s edge
Blue jeans
A black lether jacket
and a beard something like this-
and the hair could be something like that but on the other side
And some black sneakers.That’s All

I forgot i wanted it to be on male07

well you need reference pics and most people around here don’t useually make skins for others you would be better off learning how to skin

faith not fait lol

So is someone going to make it for me cuz i cant work with photoshop.And if not i will find someone else.

Repost from another thread just like this.

And is A awesome sensation made to yourself your perskin…i made all the mine…

I had also made myself a personal skin

It feels better than requesting it dude

Everyone have to start somewhere.

Yeah, except for the facemap.

And most of the texture.

And the model.

I modify the facemap for my Final skin