Personal Skin Thread V11 (Unsociable kids enter here)

Shut the fuck up, I’m breaking your goddamn pact of creating threads and am shoving my huge ass into it.

Post your unthoughtful, unfunny, uncredited skins of things you didn’t make and claim them as your own and pose them in depressingly awful poses and comics.

Here was the last version (Currently continuing) of this horrid decalogy of threads that should definitely be gutted from the inside out. All the way from the bulbous lower intestine packed with bullshit to the ever so puny brain that sits atop the cowardly stem in this terrible anatomy of what was once a peaceful society of people. It also has a list of all the horribly done skins and model hacks so you can download them for whatever reason.

Enjoy your time here, gentlemen.

(User was banned for this post ("Calm down" - PLing))

Someone forgot to take their happy pill today.

Them nurses don’t have to tell me when to take my damn medicine.

It’s for your own good, Dean.

Now, I’d like to make an investment in your Sausage company…

Shut up and post some shit here please.


Preferably relating to the topic subject at hand; personal skins.

yeah, I can understand the use of making personal model/skins to make yourself feel important but seriously nobody cares and your skins are unfunny and dumb and your model hacking is often halfassed and terrible because you are a talentless band of circle jerking morons who are incapable of producing anything good in the first place

I made this thread to be a part of your loving community of children, not to insult you and to listen to you complain about my effortless, cheaply constructed model hacks.

If you knew my five years of posting history it is my obligation to call you and your friends out on their talentless efforts that you’ve spent hours upon hours on making and high-five eachother at being cool

any moron can make a shirt red by clone stamping the hell out of it, make a normal map for it and then plaster on a :smiley: with Anime Aces font to make it look clever

sorry, but my personal skins are 200 times better

The threads where made to keep the shit from cloggin up the forums.

wasn’t really to make us feel important, it was more of a social thing.

but yeah pretty much everything else is right.

For some people yeah. Not everyone though, we aren’t all assholes.

I would do more normal pictures if it caught my interest, but personal skins are really just for fun, not much for ego boosting. at least it is for me.

Henry, what the hell are you doing? Most of the personal skins/models ARE way better than other models out there. If you’re gonna be such a dumbass, go be one in middle school, where you should be.

Mods, please lock this.

What personal skins, I gotta ask.


I just had to.

Personal skins isn’t about the models or skins, It’s about us coming together and just making poses and having fun, and clearly we’re tooking something right it we’ve gotten to version 11.

Henry and 69105 if you don’t like personal skin stuff, just ignore the thread, doing what you did here is just immature and pathetic and makes you guys look like total idiots. We enjoy our personal skins and you enjoy your shit, leave it at that.

also exactly what letsgroove just said ^

At least it isn’t Gun-pose #132956 subsection Russian army.

Do you know what I do when I’m angry?

I just click the ‘back’ button or the ‘x’ on my window screen and no longer click on the skins’ thread or any other mean thread.

Now if you excuse me I’ll just click the ‘back’ button here.

Come on, the thread was almost dead.

Then stop bumping it.

Oh wai-