Personal Skin thread V17 - VOTE FOR THE MAKER

There you go, pick the winner comrades.

You can’t be serious.

Of course Jason and S.N, you’re allowed to vote for yourself, this is infact highly recommanded.

Why not?

The president is allowed to vote for himself, you know.

[sp]This 5002 is delicious[/sp]

Well problem is I almost had the V16, some people want Jason, some others want me, S.N show up and wants to do it… this is a bit messy, votes is citizen’s best weapon.


Read better, you are allowed.

Could have sworn there was a ‘not’ in there, oh well

voted, the only thing I’ve truly accomplished today.

I thought Carbon Knight also wanted to…

But I think this is a little pointless, since you already called it in V15.

Yes but I don’t mean to butt some people out, some might have changed their mind and shit.

Well it appears we kind of have chosen one

yep, go jason go.

Ok starting

The fuck is this and why does it matter?

It doesn’t matter anymore the person was picked.


Jason allready made the thread, it’s his.

This is completely pointless.

Go to the thread

What if I refuse?

Stop posting here you tits.

Jesus christ, I was starting to like the p.skins thread until you needed an entirely new thread to fucking vote for who makes the next thread.

-goddamnit why did I say this snip-