Personal skin :V

I am just wondering if someone could skin me a personal skin? Would be awesome if someone would do it! Anyway here is what I had in mind: The human hunter model but with the face of male_04, black jacket, gray/white bandages, gray pants, red eyes (See-able in the dark if possible), a scar going over the left eye (Think Ilwrath’s scar),

this image on the back, a soul-patch on the chin and fingerless gloves. If someone does this I will be highly grateful! If you do a very good job I maybe give you a game on Steam :wink: Not past 30 euros tho. That is all I can spare as I am buying a MP5 air soft gun next week :v: Take your time on making this, I don’t want to stress yah :smiley: (Directed to the one that maybe will do it)

So is this pretty much what your thinking of?

Here is a ruff draft of what I could tell that you were looking for. scar, red eyes, and a soul patch on the male_04 face. I might or might not beable to do the scar very well, the soul patch will look different and the eyes would be different. I haven’t started on the skin yet, let me know if this is what your looking for. He reminds me of that dude on the bike from Starcraft :v:

Well uhm… Yeah kinda like that :v: Except that the scar goes over the eye like on Ilwrath’s skin. But make the soul patch a little thiner and longer. But you forgot it being on the human hunter model :v:

^I screenshoted a male_04 and photoshopped it.

If you can PM me your steam name I can show you what i’ve done so far.


could you repost that photo you want on the back?