Personal skin

Can some one make me a personal skin with these clothes:

hat: (but without visor please)


bottoms: citizen jeans


and black fingerless gloves if its not too hard.

Thanks in advanced!


I might be able to do it, but not till tomorrow.

Woot for DC’S!!!

Thanks…do you want me to add you on steam?


Sorry dude, I can’t do this anymore :frown:

Edit: actually I will do this, ignore the above line
What male do you want it on? And the top link isn’t working.

soz bout top link umm…can i get it on any male with white skin? thanks :smiley:



fixed top link.

Working on it now, do you want it hexed?

EDIT: I can’t do short sleeve, so will long sleeve be okay?

EDIT: Testing in Gmod now.
Short sleeved citizens.

k thanks for the link!

I couldnt find the blasted materials for them to make custom shirts
fucking gmod

Thanks dude, I’ll reskin that for you ryzo later!