Personal skin

Torso from here:

Head from here:

Legs from here:

Arms from here:

and please make everything a grey carbon color.
email at

P.S. maybe add some scroched looks to it. and anyone who wants to make npc out of this feel free

Please give me about 25% credit for idea. less if you want. call it “WASP-17’s Personal Skin”

You’re asking for a personal skin, for yourself. . .

You want someone else to make it for you.

And you demand credit because you asked the person to do it? . . .

Ugh, there’s one of these threads every damn die and it’s starting to get irritating.

This is a personal model, NOT a personal skin. A personal model comprises of new material from one or more sources, like what you described. A personal skin is editing only the textures of a model. A personal model requires more effort and skill than a personal skin.

We need the request forum to auto-direct to the sticky threads before you’re allowed to view the entire forum. :I

From what I understand skinning is technically the mesh that goes over the rig when your making a model, where as texturing is making the materials and textures for the model however around here it is referred to as reskinning when you make a new texture for a model (and usually hex it onto it in my case), but not any propperly defined term for what you should call a custom model (though that would be the most obvious, custom model). Though your right on the general terms used for custom content requests as being a personal model if your wanting parts added to an existing model (I think, its rather confusing) or if you want an entirely new model (which I don’t believe would be fulfilled very often), whereas a personal skin is a reskinning of an existing model with custom or altered textures/materials.

Actually, no. You’ve been mislead. A mesh is the mesh that goes on the rig, or skeleton. In 3DS Max, you can add a skin modifier. That’s probably what confused you. This attaches parts of the mesh to the skeleton. This is completely different. Everything else you said is correct. It’s just a weird group thing of people calling it reskinning instead of retexturing, I guess.

Texture - Material that goes over the mesh.
Mesh - Bunch of polygons and vertices to make an object, character, whatever.
Skeleton - A bunch of bones or bipeds aligned to form, in most common places, a T-shape for easily rigging the skeleton to the mesh.
Rigging - The act of attaching bones/bipeds to a certain part of the 3D mesh. IE attaching the foot bone to the foot part of the mesh so you can move only the foot instead of the entire mesh.

Humm, ok that makes more sense :slight_smile:

i dont really know what it is, but can anyone make it?


is anyone willing to make it?


i think i can say the anwser will be “no” personal models never seem to get made on this fourm

dude if you do get this done lemme know, because this looks to be BAD ASS!!!

the head is too big for that body, and the legs look goddam retarded anyway.

the head should be semi larger than the body. but it could be resized. and whats wrong with the legs?

P.S. thank you wyldbob


tell me if you someone makes it.

anyone even wanna try? i did, and unfortunately falied miserably because i have no idea what to do and downloaded a bunch of stuff i wound up not even needing.


at least i tried.

i kinda wish the downloads were in pieces. like in the folder theres Torso Legs Head Arms. Then you could mix and match all you want. P.S. imma guess it don’t work like that.

There must be some way of doing it because CoH and Champions do it with their models. I’m thinking it could be done with bodygroups after seeing the code for it, and i’m sure theres some way you can assemble a model from parts (as the onichibara (sp?) model has a separate sword included in the model).

huh. let me know if anyone codes it to make the torso legs and stuff. it would be very useful for custom models.