Personal Skin

Since I totally suck at everything when it comes to skins, I came here looking for help. This request should hopefully be somewhat easy.

Anyways. What I want is a male_9 wearing a hoodie. The choice of keeping the hoodie up or putting it down is yours. If you can, make it so the hoodie is unzipped revealing the shirt under it. You don’t have to if you have to much problems with it.

The Hoodie should look something like this:
Here is a close up on the main details of the jacket:[/media]

[If the hoodie is unzipped, If not skip this part.]
I want the shirt to look like this:
Once again, the closer View of the main texture:

Oh gee wizz Batman, I wonder what this guy’s favorite band is…

Simple Details:
I want the pants to be a dark blue (like this:
and for the shoes just make them black.

The Face:
Warning what you are about to see is a horrible execution of a face map:

I want it something like my poorly made face map, but you know nicer…and more cleaner.

I apologize if this request is hard and/or difficult. It wasn’t meant to be, but is this gets picked up and someone helps then thanks in advance. I would really appreciate it.

If I have some free time, I’ll do it. Only because you have a shitload of good reference images.

Awesome, thank you so much.

I spent awhile cropping the close up views together making sure that they would look perfect. I guess it was time well spent.

Oh crap, I knew I forgot something.

For the eye color:

Sorry for the double post, and bump.

But any news on this? No pressure and no rush, I just want to know.

I have a bunch of work to do, but rest assured, you’re on my list of stuff to get to after I finish some other stuff and procrastinate.

Okay, thank you for the update.