Personal Skin

Is anyone able to skin Male_05 (The citizen with the aisan facemap with a woodland camo jacket with a grey shirt in middle with black trousers? (not model, just skin)

Ill apprecaite it alot if you did this for me.

Some reference pics


I’m lookin’ for help meself.

I just use the ghillie model for you Resistance :3

I hate that model

God dammit

Do you want it hexed?

EDIT: I’ll have a crack at it

EDIT: Finished, and it’s hexed :smiley: Just going to test it in gmod now

EDIT: Uploading now, gotta wait though :frowning:


It’s my 3rd skin, so it might not be good, especially the torso, I’m happy at how the pants turned out though. Feel free to use/or not use, it’s up to you.

He could you do me?


A skin, please?

Ok, but you might need to start a new thread with references of what you want, unless you have a thread.

Thanks man