personal skin.

could someone reskin sleeved Male_07 ( for me and hex him. the only skin i ever did was improved gang tatoes for gta:sa so i don’t have much expirience. thanks for looking at the thread. these are the things i want in it=

bleu eyes and blond hair you can remove the beard if you want.

shoes like this

jeans like this

this shirt with the-dutch-guy on it.

could someone please do this?

Wow bumping after 3 hrs.

That’s low

could someone please do this? please don’t ban me agian.

I’ll have a go, you want that pattern on the shirt as well?

thanks! it’s realy appreciated! could you keep the pattern.

It’s just the pattern is way above my level, is a shirt saying “the dutch guy” just good enough for you?

oke, sorry for the late reply i had a little oblivion addiction today.

If you don’t mind Necrotic Fever, I’ll do the skin with the pattern and what not.


I couldn’t do the blue eyes because the model was being a faggot.

FFFF automerge is borked

thank so much! i never tought anyone would do this for me!


works good. thanks again!