Personal Skins: Salvation | Part 3

Now that I got the map (I made it and Blackrazor fixed and compiled it), I was finally able to do this episode.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

The next part will show what happens in the 4Chan Central’s concentration camp. We’ll also visit the DNRC Resistance HQ.

Hope you enjoy.

great work , it was really great

I lol’d at the end
You should totally include me in the next one.


BTW if you are going to go to whats left of the wrecked, abandoned underground looking base thing in that map [sp]It’s actually whats left of the super mutant stronghold in Fallout 2[/sp], can I have my zombie there?


The comic was great and I feel bad for the dudes in the gas station, I can only imagine that 4Chan Central’s camp is right next to hell.

Aww, I thought I was gonna be used in this issue.

Still an excellent issue nonetheless.

Not really much happened in this one, try making the comics longer.

But it was good none the less, keep it up.

You’ll be in the next one.

Request granted.

:tiphat: Thank you.

The next one will be at least twice as long as this one.

It was pretty cool, be nice to see huge fights against this 4chan army.


“VOI PERKELEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Awesome, keep it up.

“I can’t see a shit” :raise:

Would you like to?

You gonna follow the salvation storyline? Or have similar bits a pieces?

Awesome! Keep it up. I lol’d at “VOI PERKELE!”

I realize now this comic is longer than i thought, i only clicked “part 3” before becuase i thought that was the 3rd episode.

Very good episode ineed, i’ll remeber to click everything next time.

Partially, but not completely.

Nice work man :smiley: I’d been looking forward to the next one :3

I’ll start working on it tomorrow.

I expected the finns custom forums in gmod form to be… a lot rural/urban like. Oh well, the comic was nice

Well it is a post apocalyptic world, most of the buildings where probably blown away.

Well where formely were buildings, there most likely are debris and ruins around. Well, of course if the building was in center of the nuclear explosion. Most of the material would have simply vaporized, but only if being directly or near the center of the explosion.