Personal Skins: Salvation | Parts 1 and 2

I’m making a pretty long series of short comics. In a nutshell: A defence control computer called 4Chan triggers a nuclear war on world’s web sites and forum boards. The survivors of the holocaust call the event Domain Ending Day. They either wander alone, starve to death, get killed or captured by 4Chan’s machine army, form criminal gangs or join the military organization called DNRC Resistance, which fights to stop the machines. The options are to die alone or to die fighting.

A familiar sounding story, eh?

The main characters in this comic are personal skin users who try to survive in the post-apocalyptic Facepunch territory. Some are DNRC Resistance members, some lone wolves. 4Chan has built one of its largest installations in the middle of now-destroyed Personal Skins Megathread.

And, of course, I’m one of the bad guys.

So far I have made two episodes. There will be more, and this project will not get dumped like my other ones have.

Note: These are very short.

Part 1: Interference

Page 1

Page 2

Part 2: Connection Lost

Page 1

Page 2

More will come. I’m trying to do a new part/episode every day.

awesome , can’t wait to read more

It’s pretty good yeah, but it’s always the same people and always the same stuff happening.

There’s like 80 personal skins in the megathread, and something like only 15 of them are used in these comics. :confused:

Wait till you see the 4Chan concentration camps…


Brilliant! Thread music!

'tis coo

Haha, nice comic man, but I feel that you shouldnt use caps on all the letters, it looks kinda annoying.

I will be waiting for the next episodes :smiley:

Also; where did you got those aircrafts and which map is that? :o (Or is it a scenebuild? You are pretty awesome at scenebuilds so i dunno :v:)

This is really interesting, with some nice editing too.

The comic fonts I have use only capital letters.

The aircrafts are private models. The whole setting in part 1 is a scenebuild, in the second part I used a map.

I wish I was in it…

Don’t stroke the speechbubbles on the inside, do center, it prevents those white outlines on it.

Make the text a little bit better, maybe centered, but it is kinda awkward.

Ok, thanks for the tips. Been wondering why it strokes the bubbles on the inside.

Try makeing the text smaller, you’ll have alot of room for other stuff that way.

That scene build is still awesome.

Indeed it is. How about saving it as an advanced duplication, and send it to me. :smug:

I hope you’re kidding. Adv duping would probably destroy it, and I bet you (or anyone else) couldn’t be arsed to DL all the needed models. Plus only I have the reskin for the billboard thingy.

Today’s episode will be delayed due to map and model problems. My apologizies.

Try making the speech and text a little smaller

Awesome comic tho, cant wait for more :smiley:

The next part won’t be coming out until I have found the needed map/until my map is compiled, which won’t be happening before someone compiles it. My 2.1 GHZ piece of scrap metal would waste about 8 hours doing that.

Feel the same around here bro
Nice comics bro

Zey are fraked. Indeed. Nice Joazzz.