personal skins

i saw some awesome personal skins but there is no download link HELP!

most descriptive thread of 2011

are you actually going to specify what skins you mean, or just pray that anyone who reads this is psychic?

im on this page and im trying to find a link

what is it you plan to do with them?

there’s a lot of models on that page and you’re not really narrowing anything down

what do you mean what im going to do with them i use them for pictures

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im trying to find the link can you show me?

just curious

the link to WHAT, exactly?

the guy with the green skin and he has a mask on

it’s a private model as far as i know, the creator was only giving it to people he trusts.

that sucks

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i want the guy waring the green he’s the guy thats in splinter cell

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i think his name is green

There is no character named Green in Splinter Cell. Try providing a link to the page you saw that character on so that we know what you are talking about exactly.

Where is TehAgentGuy?
Show him this thread. :v:

this dude?

tehagentguy, ATP is the big juggernaught

made my day

well i meant someone made a reskin

Well, the character in the picture that Radley posted is named Archer. And although it’s not green, you can find Archer and Kestrel in this link here. If you want it to be like the one in Radley’s pic instead, I could probably do something about that.

Don’t do it Katra!

I said I COULD, not that I WOULD, lol. Personally, I’d rather not because I think the regular version looks better.