Personal Spawnpoints

Simply put, I would like to be able to change the spawn point for one player, using Hammer. Yes, I know there is a “personal spawnpoint” SENT. That is not what I’m looking for. I want to do this in Hammer.

Got any suggestions, facepunch?

If it’s for gmod, then your only choice is going to be lua. You can place Sents in hammer.

orly? Would the server and all clients be required to have that SENT installed separately or is there another way?

Do you mean have certain players, like you friends? If so, I’ve already looked into this, and no one was able to help me, with lua anyway.

You can pakrat sents into a map.

It’s not vastly difficult, just create a table and store everyone special’s steamid, then hook into playerspawn and check the steamid of the spawning player. If his matches a table entry send him to the entries spawnpoint.