Personal statistics for Rust

Hi to all! Firstly i should sorry for my English, it is not my native language =)
I really love statistics, already made one popular site for Counter Strike: GO, so was inspired to make such site for Rust community, and made it in 2 days =)
I would like to present you

Unfortunately this only stats I can get officialy from Steam, but there is some work to do:
-server stats (top clans etc)

Also I’d like to show it to developers, but I do not know where to write… =(

If it gets into community update developers might see

Says I have 200 kills but I defo have 5000.

EDIT: The kill counter isn’t counting humans.

How to get to community update? Is there any form to submit?

I fixed kill counter, ty )

Post it here

It’s super cool, thank you. I like it!

Oh, thank you! Will post reply ro Craig =)

Hey man, thanks for sharing!
It’s really interesting to be able to check your IG stats, i’ll defo favorite it :slight_smile:

Thank you! ))

-There are frineds now under the stats. This only friends that already viewed on the site.
-Added comparison. If you click on button “add to comparison” under profile picture you will add this profile to comparison list. To compare selected profiles just click on button “compare” on the top right.

-Added leaderboard on main page. Every 20 seconds Leaderboard will change to another stats. To get to this list you have to visit site at least in 7 days.

Very good site, thanks assorium :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply )

Now I exactly know how bad I am. Thanks alot~

A lil bit ciapkie

ciapkie? what does it mean?

Added 2 stats to leaderboard (collected human skulls, play time)
Added new harvesting stats (some of them don’t want to work properly =(( )
Now if profile is in top 50 of some stats it will be displayed in profile

Oh nice… damn i’ve chopped 300k wood.

i killed 3000 people omg … that means i wiped my city

1.6 million wood on vanilla

-Added recent stats. Everytime you come to site, it updates your stats (no frequently than once per hour). If you have stats for last days it will show you recent stats (maximal period is 2 weeks). To see this stats, just click on blue button under your profile picture.

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Also created DeathMatch server. Small map 1400.

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Man youre side is great