Personalized T-Shirts for better indentification

Rust developers,

I thought it would be a relatively simple solution to let people customize the color of their in-game shirt, as well as paint or pick a symbol for it so that groups can identify each other better at a distance.

A few items as well:
Flare gun
Tracking device
Gate remote/pull string

Rust is incredible, as are the possibilities. Your Alpha is better than most of the finished games that I own. When I graduate from the Art Institute of Atlanta, I want to work with all of you.


I think those idea’s are pretty awesome.

The flare gun could be used for signalling for rescue, backup, location, ect. It could also be used as a weapon.

The tracking device would be interesting as well. If you could craft it and then place it in your pack. That way when you die you could track you items. Another cool mechanic would be the ability to just drop your whole pack. Say you know you’re about to die, maybe you could hide you stash to better your chances at recovering it.

I think traps, gate remote, and Godzilla would be awesome additions as well.

Rust is a great game and I love spending my free time diving into this world. Got it a couple weeks ago and already have 40 + invested. Amazing game. Can’t wait to see what else you guys do with it.