personl skin request

can some one give to that model long hair
here the link

That ‘model’ you linked isn’t even yours. And it isn’t personal unless you make it yourself.

is for a friend but this friend don’t have facepunch…and next I UPLOAD THIS MODEL DON’T BROKEN MY BALLS…I HEX THAT MODEL…AND I HELP HIM FOR DO THAT SKIN…so SCREW OFF!!!

And even then there isn’t one original piece in it. :lost:

Calm down, both of you.

Sveinhund, you don’t need to be such a prick about this. Try being nice to the n00bs once in a while.

Redman, you seem to not understand how things work. First off, personal models are almost always made by the person they belong to, or are made without request as a gift. I have never seen a personal model request actually be completed, although it is technically possible.

Further, the linked model is itself a personal skin. Taking that and making a small change would not be appropriate. It would practically be plagiarism. Even if I wanted to make you a model, I would not do it by tweaking someone else’s skin.

You also seem to have a poor grasp of English. I can’t even understand your second post. Calm down, and find a dictionary. Or a translator.

Finally, Sveinhund has a point: a personal model is supposed to be personal. It is, for all intents and purposes, YOU. Making your personal model is sort of a rite of passage. It’s something best done by yourself.

ok…srry but my real best friend made that and he ask me to do this request…hmm d you know some (free) modelling program?..oh i find a dictionary XD

Blender is a free modeling program that would work for this.

the program can do . mdl file for gmod?



As for a modeling program, Blender is actually pretty good, aside from the fact that it won’t import .mdl files. Milkshape can also work, but for best quality you should seriously look into 3DS Max, which is anywhere from one hundred to three thousand United States dollars.

What are you talking about? Blender has an SMD importer. I’ve used it.

And he specifically asked for free. I doubt he wants to spend a hundred bucks for one model.

Quality doesn’t come free.

But when a guy specifically asks for “free”, you don’t tell him to use the expensive one.

I do all my modeling in Blender. As far as I’m concerned, it is BETTER than 3DS. Easier navigation, more integrated features, and much faster.

But this is not the place for us to argue about it. Redman just wanted to know which modeling programs were free, we told him, discussion over.

What the fuck!?

The jacket texture from that model is from my old personal skin!

Not fucking cool, you thieving ass.

really?..ah…but he modify that skin…look behind

I know he modified it, still doesn’t mean it’s not stolen :colbert:

ah ok…