Perth City Train

This is my first ever model that i made in hammer and used propper.

Its based off Perth city trains in WA.


  • right train door
  • left train door
  • cabin door
  • passenger cart
  • main train cart

use the hydraulics tool for the doors


Here is the final fix with some train trucks i made for it aswell put it in ur garrysmod/garrysmod folder[URL=“”]

ive never been to Perth, is it good?

Haha, make the trains on the Midland line.

They are…dirty.

Also, is it me, or is there a texture missing from the windows? Looks a little like there’s a checkered pattern going on there.

yeah man perth is hell good i think its even better than Sydney XD

na the textures ain’t missing from the windows i made it look like it has black spaces.

Looks better than the pieces of shit we have in Melbourne.


We don’t have city trains, only city buses.

Its a city… What do you think a city is like?

Well, if anyone thinks their city trains are crap…

Greetings from Poland.

Nice model, but the texture kind of ruins it.

Hmmm… Can anyone make our crappy trains? D:
Model are good, it’s detailed, just for posing. And wire…

looks like a red rattler… except not red.

at least it’s not a cityrail train. jesus christ, new south fucking wales. :barf:

Greetings from Finland.
also that model is very nice

Hey, I’m from Perth!

well since its somewhere in central England im guessing theres chavs everywhere and people stopping you at traffic lights asking if you want to buy a news paper.

pretty much the same over here in Northern Ireland, but hey we’re all British

All the awesome people come from at least Melbourne, NSW or Queensland guys.

Although nice model, texture could use some work.

hint: we’re talking about perth in australia

also fuck qld that place is even worse than nsw, which is good because it gives us someone to shit on

Perth = FTW lol

if any1 can lua for me to make my trains entities so they have workable doors and actually move, for my next train mega pack. it would be great :slight_smile: contact me on steam: masskeeler

sorry i thought there was a Perth in Southern England

Even without QLD, you’ve still got Tasmania.