Peservian Legends : The Tale of Jimmy Jim Bones

Mountain riding is an acient Perservian tradition. Many Nation leaders continue to mountain ride in their free time.

Xing Emporer - "The Tale of Jimmy Jim bones should be a lesson to us all, DON’T GO OUT WITHOUT EATING’.
The Minutemen Corporation - “Mountain riding equipment has a very high profit.”.
Kingdom Goon “The dramatic death of poor poor Jimmy Jim bones is a good example of Perservia, everything gets recycled”

Jimmy Jim’s kadaver had been eaten, only 5% of the carcuss remained. You can visit the bones at the Museum of Persevia, located at Minutemen HQ.

Camerawork : The Lizard Xing
Editing : The Lizard Xing
Jimmy Jim : CaF
Narration : Koon!
Native 1 : CaF
Native 2 : CaF
Native 3 : CaF
Native 4 : CaF

Poor poor Jimmy Jim bones.

This gmod video wasn’t bad, except the start and the end, the moves of the characters weren’t realistic.

Next time use the source recorder and make the video in 16:9, try adding some effects like bloom or color correction (This last one in sony vegas)

ps: Sorry for my bad english.

720x480 is wide enough.

I took my brother mountain riding one time he went out on an empty stomach and the same thing happened i managed to get away by flinging his kadaver as a distraction