Pet cage

Is there a pet cage or someone willing to make a pet cage running around out there?

i like designing rooms in garrysmod and thought making a pet surprise sticky would be awesome.
but i need a cage.

just a small hampster style cage will do. i just need to be able to put stuff in it.
tiny stuff.

There is a dog kennel from HL2. I suggest looking for it.

i noticed the dog kennel, but i was hoping for something that was easier to see in.

There was a model pack…it had something to do with dead space or some other game like that…it had a space hampster in it…it was in a cage. Im sorry I can’t be of more help but…

well i was kinda hoping for an empty cage…

I GOT IT! just stack two crates on top of each other and spawn a surprise sticky or turtle inside!

Nope, not a game like Dead Space, you’re talking about Mass Effect.

shrug close enough.

When talking about games, not really. It’s like comparing Duke Nukem to Fallout 3, because both have first person view and both have some interaction with the surroundings. Of course I assumed you would know since your nickname is “girlgaimer”.

Well I never played dead space or mass effect but I have played duke nukem and fallout 3…so I get it.

wow. this thread really derailed.