Pete & Bob: Scooby Doo


slideshow awaaaay

Although while quality looks good, it still doesn’t gonna help to save this disastrous movie.

This would have been great for comic, but since others prefer to add music and/or sound effects for slideshow video like this, it only makes me wonder why doesn’t characters move at all!

Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong. He made the movie based on some recorded sketch by some dudes, so no, it couldn’t have worked as a comic.

I thought it was good, the voice acting was great (love the voice), the shots were good and the story/comic was mildly funny. I say, pretty good job on it.

Henry, you might wanna put the fact that you didn’t make the audio in the OP. Most people won’t bother reading the youtube description.

But that would mean people won’t assume that I am an amazing voice actor and comedy writer.

You sly dog.