Petey Piranha

Petey piranha is an awesome character and boss from super mario sunshine etc. i read luigimarios threah and it says nothing about him.
(not bieng picky but if ripped from brawl i’d rather not have the cages)



thanks in andvance

I think I saw this done a while ago. Did you check the Mario packs on

yeah no petey

I would like to have this one as a playermodel.

that would be funny

luigimario is doing it.

He was doing the Dino one, I never heard anything about regular old Petey here.

eh i like dino but i always liked petey more for some reason

Yup. Petey’s funny, and in Mario Golf he rapes the big holes. That sounded horrible, but you know what I’m saying.

You know what they say- if you want it done right you gotta’ do it yourself. Should be done later tonight:

So you’re working on it? Thats wicked, I wish you luck Gordo. ^^


Holy shit. That was FAST.