Petey Piranha

I was going to make some normal maps for him but he seems to be fine the way he is. I don’t actually know how to rig ragdolls so I need a partner willing to import the stuff I make into Source.

Wow it looks great. Sorry though, I have no idea, how to rig stuff. Try asking Glaber or Link00y. ^^

Great port,I love his mouth,makes me lol

It’s not a port bro. I made it in one day.

Holy crap! You did that all by yourself?!? That’s pretty cool!

Despite looking good, it looks way high poly. What’s the tri count?

6,818 tris. By using “Optimize” I can lower it down to 5,818 or even to the 4,000 range. I smooth it for renders.

Amazing quality model - can’t wait until it’s rigged. Making things this awesome, I get the feeling you’re about to become very popular.

6818 is fine for a gmod model

Looks nice, I hope you manage to get it into Source.

This needs to happen. Someone rig this nao. >.<


There’s more than that who could help, but I’m lazy. No offense to the others. Only reason I didn’t list Mariokart64n is cause he’s retired.

Never use Optimize. It does nothing but ruin all the edgeloops and weld nearby vertices together.

You are correct. It’s better just to move edge loops close together and weld them manually.

nice job on the model, I thought I commplemented here earlier but seems as though I forgot

what programe did u use send it to my email at

I believe the program to be 3ds Max, not sure what year.

And he cant send it, it costs about $3000 dollars.