Petition and ideas for a redesign of the sticky

So I thought we could maybe update the subforum’s sticky thread. I know this is just nitpicking but - why not. Heres my idea and I will be sure to update it with any suggestions you guys come up with. When we are done we’ll PM an admin and get it sorted out! It should make this section somewhat more organized in terms of rules, but I only included some unwritten rules and elaborated some existing ones.

Title: - Mapping Section Guidelines -


instead of

I’d prefer

It could be better without the underscore

Why does this section have to be restricted to source engine mapping?

You should add a rule or some other thing outlawing “idea guys”.

One can hope, right?

well theres this…

I copy pasted this subject right from the previous sticky, but if we wanna change that I’m all in.

We could do

But It would require a broad agreement to go ahead and change the sections main topic. Everyone’s input is welcome.

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I will at least remove the “only” so it says

I included this. I also cleaned the text up and made it clear that its ok to post work from other engines.

Any more requests? I’m all ears.

The bolded bit is very important imo


I think this should be changed. If someone was willing to pay me well, I’d be happy to do all the work start to finish on a map.

Well this line in particular refers to people who “ask other people to make their map for free” aka “idea guys”

if its a paid request its ofcourse an entirely different situation. I will clarify it a bit though.