Petition for Minimap and/or Waypoint system

Rust needs a Minimap or a Waypoint system so players can remember where they built their base or where there are resources its a bit hard to remember every detail of the map especially when u build a base and then go for a wander for more resources and then realize “hey i have gone too far now i don’t know where my base is” so please players fill up this forum topic with your’e votes to get the developers to design a minimap or a waypoint system for Rust. Other than that little thing the games is excellent.

Nope i dont like that, its a survival game, NO MAP please, a compass, but nothing more

Learn the map, it isn’t very big

Compass will be great.
Map no way !

Lol, theres already a “map” from googling, why not just put that ingame so people dont have to tab out to watch it…
and a compas for sure would help abit.


You don’t need a compass either. If you don’t know which way the sun/moon rises from or sets, your gonna have a bad time

surival … a map would be exactly what you would need, map out your local area. No “im here” icon just a plain map would be fine maybe in a simple grid. compass would be great to use in combo with it. but i only think this is needed when the map gets expanded.

I hear its going to be 4 times the size, I hope its 10 times!! maybe more

What i think the devs should do is that you have to draw your own map (yes, litteraly draw your own map). We got charcoal and paper already and that’s all we need. In that way you can mark where your camp is, where other players camp is and stuff like good farming spots etc.

I would very much like to be able to CRAFT a compass and/or have tools to DRAW a map in game.

Having an automatic minimap kills the point of the game and will allow griefers to have their way more easily.

For use of the sun or the moon you need also the time/a clock and who told you that this map is based on earth with the actual orbit of the sun? Maybe a Asteroid collied with this planet and the Sun will show up in the north instead of east? I guess a compass is not that bad, it should be easy to craft (leather and metal) and even without a map you can hold you path (would be nice to see you running in a row hours by hours, because the sun is not visible or the moon.
I dont need that (because i know the map and its small atm) but it would be nice to have if there is a new bigger map at release

The map isn’t that big but people do get lost after going for a walk to get more supply’s. I mean I get lost A LOT because I have to walk a fair distance just to get wood and food. But sadly anything that’s added to show or tell you where your buildings are will get used against you more and more, it’s just a disadvantage to everyone really. But you never know, they could be working on something. Just have to wait a see, but if there gonna make the map bigger they will need to do something so people can find there way back.

I know a lot of people now are building houses around roads where there is a lot of supply’s and just follow that road back. or building a shelter or a foundation or something so they know there base is around that area. One guy I was playing with had one of those barriers set up just off the road in between trees, and then we went around it and walked a few mins and there was his building. So I mean you can do things to find ya way back as you keep moving further and further away from your building. But sadly I can’t do that… stupid raiders and griefers keep getting me!!. Makes me wanna build a bridge on rust and jump off it and hope I land on a group of raiders lol.


Nope, nope, nope

I normally give a good big reason as to why not but this one is simple

It’s a hardcore survive so… no

Don’t buy a hardcore survival if you don’t want to play a hardcore game!

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People that are asking for compass, Use the sun, it’s not that difficult! i’ve been using it since day 1 and after learning the roads a little bit I can always tell where I am and if I get lost I just use the sun to find a road

If Players ask me about this,i give them the tip to join an Server with no Population.
So they can run over the whole Map and learn it.
At this Map are a lot of points to navigate.

Their is no Ingame Map needed