petition for one needed feature

very simple to ask for. a import all/ export all feature to empty crates and stashes or your inventory into a crate.
or we can have at least clicking the item to move it in or out.

If ppl wanna say this makes raiding easier then make it for only crates you crafted. i dont think this is too hard to ask for really?

Sure would be nice if you could double click to loot instead of click dragging.


As far as I remember, this was implemented and then removed later.

why would they do that??? honestly the click and dragging is horrible. i love the game but the huge amount of use on the mouse is hard on my hand. runs in the family.

I’d prefer double clicking on an item or shift clicking or something like that :slight_smile: That way you can get the items you want instead of everything

They did it to add tension and as part of the whole “you are never supposed to feel safe” philosophy. Rather than just pressing “loot all”, you gotta decide on the fly if looting all those cans of beans or some guys personal stash is worth the time and risk of someone seeing and killing you.

ok id agree with that. but also that’s why i proposed the feature for only the crates u created as another option.

I could see many exploits happening if this was to be added into Rust.

Maybe being able to select multiple items one my one and then just drag once, like a check box or something. I see the need, but also understand the whole tension thing. Idk, something that could be done, but maybe not right away.

They are creating a new UI system so many faster features are coming!

How about being able to loot all, but it takes time based on amount of items, like crafting.

It’s designed to be slower.

Say you kill someone, they don’t want you to be able to pull all his loot in 1 sec and bail with it
If you can loot someone instantly you can bail right after that and get away with the loot.

Yeh Loot all would be nice on certain boxes. Never on backpacks or while raiding a house but only on boxes that spawn in rad towns and such.

Putting into crates I would agree with, removing from crates I would not.

Its eaither clicking one by one or dragging because if you could just loot all the gear at once you wouldnt have a challenge in PVP and it wouldnt be full of adrenaline when looting a corpse trying to go fast so you dont get shot by the enemy.

No , i like the fact that u have to drag individual items to ur inventory. I want an auto run feature, my small finger hurts holding run

changed my key binding for sprint to Q. makes it a little easier for me

Its fine as it is. Makes your heart race when your looting a body

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left stuff behind because I could hear someone coming… that sense of fear would be gone if I could loot all or shift-click.

Click and drag all the way.