"Petrov go check what the fuck just hit the trees!"



C&C :ohdear:

Edit: Ddok1994 :slight_smile:

awesome edit, who edit this picture?

edit: thanks for good edit idea, awesome.

Pretty good, though that zombie in the pod thing looks sorta stupid.

the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture was, “this looks like ddok edited it”
then I saw the description and I lol’d at what i saw.


Posing is solid. I think that the default HL2 zombie looks out of place to me. Was it a scenebuild? Because the scenery is nice. Have a palette :slight_smile:

Nice job on the edit ddok


Slenderman caused this! Can’t you see him? He’s right there, in the trees!!

That’s what happens when zombies try to fly planes.

Pretty cool.

It looks like Alyx and Gordan has crash landing during the rescue mission.

I thought that too.

Heresy! Heresy! :black101: :commissar:

“It was a helicopter.”


The burning on the soldier’s back is too harsh. The rest is okay, just about.

The terrain is completely untouched.

Why a Police’s Song ? This song make me feel baaaad.