Pets/Followers CoderHire Addon Discussion

This thread is about the Pets/Followers addon that I posted on CH, this place is to discuss the addon, give suggestions and show/post custom pets.

I intend to add the best custom followers to the official version.

Some media

Link to addon

that’s pretty cool, but why are you essentially posting an advertisement when there are comments on coder hire and support tickets for your customers

This belongs on the coderhire forum, not here.

This is not a advertisement, if you check the script on CoderHire, the creator of this addon CrashLemon has been commenting that soon he would create a FacePunch thread for people to post ideas for Pets, the best ones will be added :smiley:

Ideas for Pets

  1. Bouncy ball that does a rainbow fade while following the player.
  2. Bunny that hops following the player :3
  3. A Cookie that leaves bread crumbs.
  4. Fox that leaves a fire trail.
  5. Cake that is NOT a lie.
  6. Heart that when you die leaves behind “something” :3
  7. Pikachu on a surfboard :3

Facepunch forums are a lot better than CH’s. This thread will mostly be used for posting pets/discussions about them.
That would be super hard to do with the comments sections. Notification spam out the ass.

Dog meat from fallout 3

Here is one that i added to my server. Its called spooks.
I want to add a trail/particle to it but i am unsure how you coded yours

ENT.Type = "anim"
ENT.Base = "base_follower"

function ENT:Initialize()

	self.ModelString = 'models/props_halloween/ghost.mdl'
	self.ModelScale = 0.5
	self.Shadows = true
	self.PetColor = Color( 255, 150, 100, 255 )
	self.BaseClass.Initialize( self )

A whole bunch that I could make from the models in Gmod.

You should take your ads elsewhere

Thanks, I’m getting through them and making particles for addition in the official download.

Thanks for the input, the amount of dumb ratings I received was probably not enough to gage whether or not this thread was a good idea. It seems like your post was the most informative and eyes opening.

I’m talking to a moderator to get this thread down, I’ll open one on CH instead.

Before it does get taken down, I’d like to say: Nice addon.
I love how natural the bounce is for floating followers, lol

I purchased this and love it. I am curious though if it possible to make followers that walk behind you?

It would be possible but the most optimal way would require navmeshes. I could hack something to give the illusion of them walking on the ground though.

I’d love to see something like this happen! I have had some people ask if Pikachu could be a follower :stuck_out_tongue: