Hi there is not alot of defance of when u offline so what i tough maby add pets. They attack people that are near you when your ofline. Could be maby be the wolfs as the pet. I dont really know all i whant is more defance when u ofline.

Think about what you are asking for, in this current iteration of Rust.

We are currently playing a game where the A.I. are about as spastic and helpless as a bag of kittens floating down a river. The wolves constantly have their heads stuck in the ground with their asses presented to anyone wandering by with a hatchet, the pigs will just stare at you as you fry up and eat the bacon straight off of their bodies, and the horses will teleport up fucking mountains like the majestic Gods that they are.

The A.I. needs to be vastly improved before pets are even put on the agenda. Because if they were added right now, the only defense they would be able to put up, is causing raiders to die from embolisms due to laughing too hard at your pet’s attempts to stop being somehow stuck in the ceiling so that they can walk up to the raiders and lick them before personally giving them all of your belongings.

Agreed they do need to be improved greatly. They are planning on adding rideable horses so I guess that’s a start. They could try and do it like in minecraft, with livestock raising and breeding. Lassos, posts, etc. I remember in the original rust it was possible (hard but not impossible) to corral a wolf into a small enclosed area in your house. Not exactly a “pet” but I’m sure you can still manage stuff like that

I would more think about the fact that this suggestion means your friends shouldn’t be near you when you log off :slight_smile:

I am trying to figure out who’s gonna ride horses when there will be vehicles available.

Not me, anyway…I’ll be in a car, running over the people on horseback.

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Unfortunately, this game is little more than a common fast-paced MMOFPS, and all of those other game aspects you mentioned are just for decor. Some people want a deep game with all of those elements, but most kids who play are CS:GO and CoD squeakers just looking for a frag-fest and a good KDR.

So the more advanced elements like that go wasted.

Couldn’t stop laughing

I will be the one shooting your wheels.

Yep, we want pets:

There is a MOD that can be used in simple forms to use the current animals in game as such.
You can have them run with you or attack or eat. Pretty cool but buggy

Well of course there must be a like “friend add-list” to it so that person doesnt attack your friend.

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Thank u. People bring up not what i whant to know. i just whant to know if its a good idé or bad in thier opinion.

Accordingly the rust bugs… the only pets allowed are the Tribbles :magic101: