Petz, Catz, Dogz, and Creatures.

As a major fan of the classics, wouldn’t it be interesting to try and simulate the Petz style in the Source Engine? Petz is a 2.5D Virtual Pet game series that features Catz and Dogz in what’s known as the “Ballz” style, named after the stupid-bizarre Ballz fighting game for the Sega Genesis that uses a similar graphical style (both games were made by the same company, PF. Magic). I wouldn’t think it would be extremely difficult to at least partially simulate the style in true 3D, what with many toon shading and texturing tricks one could possibly have at their disposal.

Am I asking for too much? All right, how about models of the Creatures from the game of the same name?

Creatures is also majorly a 2D game, but it uses pre-rendered sprites to create a body instead of “ballz”. With promotional images featuring 3D renders of the Creatures, I’d think it would be an easier task to create.

Above, in order from left-to-right: a Norn, a Grendel, and an Ettin.

Anyone’s help is greatly appreciated. I do not ask for all these virtual pets at once; whatever anyone can do at any given time is fine.