pew pew gcombat 08 or 09 or WAC??

so im confused on which gcombat system to get…
after much googling i found

pew pew
gcombat 08
gcombat 09 ( what i have installed but i think theres probly something better)

which one to use ? :confused:

Gcombat 09 is a fake.
Get Gcombat 08 with GCX svn and all that good stuff.

I use GCombat08 and GCX on my server. It’s fantastic. Honestly, they should remove 09, since it’s fake. I got tricked when I falsely “upgraded” a while back and found that it was actually crap. 08 Works with Stargate and such. Go with Gcombat08. I can’t say anything for Pewpew or WAC. I’ve never heard of PewPew and I’ve never used WAC.

PewPew is awesome, very useful and customizable.

Pewpew now works with stargate shields. It was made by Divran, so you know it’s good. Give it a try.

Pewpew is alot better then gcombat

Thanks to all of you:)
Ive uninstalled gcombat 09
But whats the diference between wac pew pew and gcombat?

Pewpew only renders One entity, meaning it has less lag. Pewpew is much better overall;
you get to update the weapons, numpad triggers, easy to customize, you can change the model, and it just has more choices.

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now to the quest for the svn link…


oh wait crap what about WAC?

WAC isn’t complete, and I never found CDE to have enough weapons. At the moment, PewPew is the way to go.

thanks :slight_smile:
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