PewDiePie in Dead Fortress 2

I mean it’s a really nice pic, it’s just the entire concept that’s eh

I think its pretty cool.

Found stephano yet?

I personally hate this guy . The way he never stops talking and yelling gets on my nerves and makes me completely unable to focus on what’s happening.I think he’s trying way too hard to be funny. I like Spike & Barley 10x more.

Aside from that it’s a good pic, the portrait in the back is really creepy ._.

Wow, that’s pretty epic man.
Good Job

I too also find him very annoying.

Nice pic though.

so do ten million other youtubers but then your okay with them but not pewdiepie, this community makes a lot of sense

Aside from him having reached 600.000 fans, how much fans do Spike and Barley have? But it’s your opinion guys. I like both PDP and S&B.