PewDiePie Model

Some of you may not be into this internet phenomenon; but it would be awesome if you made a model of this guy called “PewDiePie”.
He is a famous for playing horror games and making imaginary friends.
Here’s what he looks like:

Several machinima makers have tried to feature him before, but ended up using the Leon Kennedy model; I think its about time his bro-army gets some actual Gmod stuff about him.
It would also be nice if someone made his imaginary friends as well.

Here’s some examples:

The only problem is that the model will be have to be modeled and textured from scratch, unless someone can find a similar model and re-skin it then I can’t see this happening soon.

I think me and the bros can wait, if it means the model would be convincing.

a pewdiepie model would be cool but i want better models of piggeh,stephano,mr.chair,the bro,ect.

There is a model of pewdiepie, except it is MMD, so you have to fix the bones.

What… would you EVEN want that for?!

Maybe getting a stephano model and the amnesia grumps, or that Ao oni thing to chase him…

Can you possibly get more spaghetti. But really, modeling is a huge amount of effort and to make something like this for a semi-popular youtube channel is down right idiotic.

You can write PewDie a letter with request of his photo from front and left view on greenscreen or something else, and after make a face model in 3ds max

Ugh, pewdiepie… he’s like the RWJ’s of LP’ers, anyway… the best you could probably get is either a port of that MMD model or a HL2 civi skin with a hair hack or something.

yeah, but RWJ doesn’t even have the sociopathic glee that I’d imagine seeing a dude getting chased by an invulnerable flesh-monster would have. surely PewDiePie couldn’t be as bad as RWJ?

anyway, I believe someone on the Cry of Fear forums made a PewDiePie retexture for Simon, you could maybe skingroup that. it shouldn’t be too hard, just a matter of copying, pasting, and going into the VMTs and adding it in with %skingroup.

Make a plane, slap on the face, hack onto a generic citizen model, done. :v: