An SWEP that lets you pick up PewPew weapons that the admin lets you. I.e. just hold I and press E to pick up a PewPew weapon that isn’t welded to anything. You have 3 slots:
-Machine Gun (with Kermites permission- use the battlefield 2142 machine gun from his MG pack)
-Grenade Launcher (use the L4D2 thumper)
-Missile Launcher (use the HL2 rocket launcher)

You can only have 1 PewPew weapon per slot, and admin chooses which weapons go into which slots, or none at all(meaning you can’t pick them up)
For ammo, use a micro Life Support system, with A Dispenser, connected up to Extractor(s). Press E on dispenser to get ammo. The Ammo is sold in a currency of MG bullets- with a grenade launcher ammo taking up about 30 MG bullets and a missile taking up 100 Mg bullets (1mg bullet=1mg bullet). Extractors create mg bullets over time and feed them to a dispenser. Dispenser is explosive, with its radius and damage dependent on the amount of ammo it’s holding. More extractors connected to one dispenser = faster ammo recharge. these will be the target of strategic strikes. This mod will basically allow players to cause Gcombat damage on foot, rather than having to attach it to something else.

Again, thanks in advance

You’re going a bit cazy with pewpew requests maybe?

Yeah i know, but there’s so much I want to complete my PewPew experience

I have only made 2 about PewPew and one advanced pod controller selector (which I need the most)


And I swear your pic is the beholder from D&D (…nerd- just kidding)