[PGH] Server! Overview, Owner-debrief

Hello guys,
it’s been a great weekend with the new update. We’ve had massive player floods on the server, with only a few admins tailoring to everyone. It has been tiring and sometimes dull just helping the players using the rcon, but I’ve learn quite a lot. The server had its ups and downs. Me and Ech0es worked hard catching dupers and exploiters and banning them off the server. The event features I wanted to bring in have not been fully focused on. So far we’ve only had rock fight events :(, we wanted to do a full tournament arena mode and something along the lines of king of the hill/tower defense. We will implement that after the game launch on Wednesday as fast as we can.
Now Comes the Business:
With the game launch on steam, I am not quite sure if the devs are going to force wipe or not but I would like to hear everyone’s consensus.
Cast your votes here for wipe or no wipe (everyone’s welcome to vote): http://goo.gl/cTrOfB

For those who don’t know, PGH is ran by a group of friends who wants to provide a better gaming experience for everyone. We want to make sure hackers are banned immediately, provide fun events with rewards, and a interactive community with everyone.
Players are welcome to contribute to the events.
WE never admin abuse, everything is done fairly.
For today, we will set it to 50% crafting time and see how it goes, feedbacks will help us make decsions on whether to keep or change it.
Players make the demands, We fulfill them.

We also have a dream of creating a player bank system, where they can store a limited amount of items they desire without the risk of losing it.
Update: The hopes of a banking system is high! We can possibly make it a unique feature of our server where the stuff you have in the bank, will be restored if there is a wipe.
Also, we are working on a way for players to “insure their base” in case of a raid or wipe. Feed back please, I’d like to see what everone has to say!

Personally I love this server. They ban all explitors and hackers. Admin don’t spawn in anything or abuse. Great server I highly recommend.

To add, the banking system will not demote raiding because it will have a limited amount of storage space. we are still developing it

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It means I posted in the wrong thread.

Admins aren’t abusive? Yeah… right.

First was getting harassed by a guy in invisible clothing(who said he wasn’t admin) and then Reaper starts spawning the invisible guy (Dark) inside of my house as well as Reaper’s friend prizmar. Then they proceed to call me a hacker. Definitely changing servers after this.

After relogging on the server the admin Reaper was also spawning in items for other players. I do not recommend this server.

We’ll have to get that fixed. We hired a few admins yesterday for preparation on the release. We wanted see how they perform as admins.

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As of right now, it’s just me and ech0es admining again.

I guess age =/= maturity.

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hey jerry i cant find the server on the server list can u help???

Server’s back up guys. COME JOIN!